itlocal is a translation agency with global offices in California  and Romania, that has served the translation needs of medium and large companies worldwide. Our company has developed great teams of project managers, translators, editors, quality assurance experts, and production specialists since our goals are to be in the top of this industry. Indeed, we are experts in the use of translation tools.

The success of a translation and localization project is measured not only by how accurately it matches the source language in terms of functionality and look-and-feel, but also by how natural the written text appears to the target audience.

In fact, our teams have the linguistic knowledge and experience necessary to develop a complete solution that includes all the languages, services, and level of guidance you need for a worldwide deployment of your product.

We can work with many different file formats, including especially executable programs, resource files, and XML-based files. Our capabilities include the translation of all product components that contain text, such as resource files, bitmaps and icons. As needed, especially for localization projects, we will resize your dialog boxes and recompile online help files. We will also test your localized software or assist with the validation process.

With this in mind, we submit every project to our strict proofreading, technical review, and final testing procedures to ensure that the target retains the look and functionality of the source language product.

For localization projects, the steps typically include the following:

  • Software Localization Tools: in the long run, these CAT tools greatly simplify and accelerate the translation of user interfaces and eliminate the need for programming experience on the part of the translators.
  • In-country Review and Testing, with attention to:
    • When the user interface elements are translated, the next step in the localization process is to test the software for language accuracy and functionality.
    • Cosmetic testing is performed in fact to identify any issues that might be encountered in terms of the application’s visuals or layout.
    • Functionality testing is performed to confirm in essence that the target language product displays and behaves just as the source language does in the original application.
  • Linguistic check: in short, to verify that all double-byte characters and characters with diacritical marks display properly; in addition, we confirm proper grammar, spelling, and hyphenation and ensure consistency of terminology.
  • Cosmetic test: overall to check for overlapping commands, truncated strings, dialog box size and layout, duplicate index entries, or hot keys.

itlocal  specializes in high quality translation services, certainly enabling you to communicate a clear message in any language. Accordingly, our aim is to make your message appealing to a multicultural audience. Good quality translations and localization are not just about translating the main texts, but also about how your customers will react to them.

Do you want to translate documents and manuals in another language, or do you want people to use your multilingual website? Given these points, can you capture the essential message correctly? There’s nothing more annoying than seeing your clients rejecting your information because it requires a particular style of address or nuance which hasn’t been conveyed properly. Moreover, right-to-left languages like Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew involve right-to-left translation, so the outcome needs to be a mirror image of an English version.

 Our Multilingual Translation and Localization Solutions include:

  • Translation of documents in various industries
  • Localization and adaptation of multimedia materials
  • Content translation and transcreation
  • Graphic design adaptation
  • Multilingual promotion solutions
  • Electronic commerce solutions
  • Website localization

Areas of Specialization

We specialize in a variety of industries including, but not restricted to:

  • Medical & Life Sciences
  • Media & Marketing
  • Financial & Legal
  • Technical & Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Personal Documents

To sum up, here are the languages we work with:

Western European

French (Canada)
French (France)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Spanish (Castilian)
Spanish (Latin America)



Eastern European



Middle Eastern



Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)


In conclusion, do not hesitate to request a quote! As can be seen from our presentation, we are the solution for all of your translation needs.