Virtual Staffing, or why you should consider adopting outside knowledge

Think about the times when, although you had tens of options in your database, you couldn’t find one translator who suited the needs and budget for that particular project. The times when you realized you need to catch up on vendor management or when it was obvious you need an extra pair of eyes for that final QC check because other tasks were piling up. In short. the moments when the available resources, capabilities and know-how were simply not enough, and you felt your company can use an expansion in one direction or another. itlocal brings you the ultimate solution to such problems: our virtual staffing service. What does that entail? In short, we can provide you with one or more of our in-house resources who will work for your company from our Bucharest office. These resources can cover different positions: Project manager, translator/editor, Vendor manager but also engineers which


By now it is well known that CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and that we can define it as a “self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the public”[1]. This can be interpreted in many ways and each company struggles to find a way to show that they are socially responsible. Every year the public receives reports about the CSR measures implemented by the major companies. These presentations are becoming more and more complex as the companies want to prove they give back to their communities and strive to make them see that they have their best interest at heart despite having a main goal of gaining profit. In the translation industry, it might seem like a vague concept, but in reality, there are many things that an LSP can do to show just how they work in a socially responsible manner. Environment Helping out

Let’s meet at tekom!

On 13th November 2018, itlocal joins tekom for many interesting events, in Stuttgart, Germany. The European Association for Technical Communication – tekom Europe e.V. is the largest professional association for technical communication worldwide. It was founded in November 2013 in Wiesbaden, Germany and connects about 9,000 professionals who are active in technical communication and related fields. The main task of the association is to represent the interests of creators and users of user information at a European level. tekom Europe supports important EU objectives such as improving the training of young people, the employability and mobility of workers as well as the competitiveness of the European economy in general. Amongst the discussed topics are: Translation and Localization, Quality Assurance,  Develop and apply terminology,  Optimize production processes and Visual design. For more information, visit their homepage! We will be there.