Why choose a smaller translation agency

In the translation industry, size actually matters. Most translation companies – also known as language service providers, or LSPs – are small, and for all the right reasons. Big translation companies usually subcontract their translation projects to the smaller players, also known as vendors. Primarily, the large LSPs keep in touch with the client, manage

Our Team

ALEX AFRENTOAIEI Founder & CEO Alex Afrentoaiei is the CEO and Founder of itlocal. He has a strong track record of managing multilingual technical, clinical, legal and business projects, and successfully leading teams of translators. Alex also has good software, multimedia, graphics and website localization skills, which he  applies in solving complex translation challenges in


HIGH QUALITY LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS We deliver professional translation and localization services, in all major languages, to clients from various industries. OUR SERVICES itlocal offers a wide range of technical and language solutions TRANSLATION and LOCALIZATION Our  teams of translation and localization professionals make sure  that all translated documents observe the source text in terms of