Virtual Staffing, or Why you need this, now.

In today’s economy, any company in the translation industry has to regularly review its options to remain competitive on the market.  With our Virtual Staffing program, our clients are free to better focus on their operations and concentrate on their targets. As they say, “Ensure that our clients realize quality profits they seek”, it all comes down to providing Remote Project Management Services instead of the actual Translation Services that most other companies provide. We work with your budget to find the best resources required for your translation requests and always focus on Quality! There are many other big advantages, that we can mention: flexibility on both European and US time-zones, US and European presence, minimum translation costs and an efficient production process with more resources, higher capacity, 24/7 communication, access to our huge translators database, etc. All of our clients are very happy with the new approach for outsourcing and

Understand our translation process

The translation process is complex. We will help you understand it, by summarising some of the steps we take. We recognize that performing to the highest standards requires transcending beyond the mere linguistic element of translation services. Therefore we continuously ensure that we add value to the translation process by ensuring that: • Our customized, repeatable processes are designed ensure quality and consistency within and across documents, and reduce cost and turnaround time. Our workflow is custom-made for the Client’s needs. • Our language specialists leverage their expertise in technical subject matter with their native language skills. • We maximize leverage by developing and maintaining customized Translation Memory (TM) for each client, categorized with attributes (e.g. for division, product, project, etc.). • We are always looking for creative ways to reduce localization costs to our clients without sacrificing quality and consistency. For example by developing a translation memory (TM) from