Why choosing a smaller agency might be good for you

In the translation industry, size actually matters. Most of the companies – also known as language service providers, or LSPs – are small, and for all the right reasons. Of course, large companies have their own place within the market as well, so why would we recommend going for a smaller agency for your next translation project? Due to their size and number of employees, big companies usually subcontract their translation projects to the smaller players, also known as vendors. Primarily, the large LSPs keep in touch with the client, manage the technology and terminology, but are not involved in the translation itself. They too will employ the smaller LSPs for this latter purpose and by doing the same and contacting us directly, you as a client could manage the process more closely from the start. So what are the advantages of working with a smaller LSP? Allow us to


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Personal Documents Certification

Your personal documents need the same attention to detail and level of professional translation received by international corporations and government agencies around the world, due to their sensitive nature. When purchasing document translations, you should make sure that the quality of the project is always the first priority for the team who handles it. That’s


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