TRANSLATION & LOCALIZATIONThe success of a translation and localization project is measured not only by how accurately it matches the source language in terms of functionality and look-and-feel, but also by how natural the written text appears to the target audience.Read more…DESKTOP PUBLISHINGIn addition to translation and localization, we offer production services, including desktop publishing

Information Technology

The success of a localization project depends not only by how accurately it matches the source language in terms of functionality and look-and-feel, but also by how natural the written text appears to the target audience. Certainly, our localization teams have the linguistic and programming knowledge necessary to develop a complete localization solution that includes

Medical & Life sciences

Medical translation services is indeed one of our specialties. Customers in the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Healthcare industries specifically have come to rely on our team of experts for even the most complex medical translations. Some medical documents are updated frequently, several times a year in some cases, especially medical device manuals, IFUs  and clinical protocols.

Multilingual Marketing

Creative Content Marketing itlocal always has in mind marketing strategies, which allows us to innovate and offer quality content for each and every one of our clients. Every client wants every project done well, every time, and that is what we offer. If done correctly, creative content marketing is something that could help a business stand

Technology Driven

itlocal is an SDL LSP Premier Partner and uses state-of-the-art software localization technology. We are able to deconstruct files to separate text from code. Experienced translators work with text only. Translated text is then submitted to our stringent quality assurance process. Finally, the file is reconstructed to match exactly the format of the original file.

Machine Translation: an honest perspective

We live in a time where technology advancements happen on a daily basis and slowly but steadily, most aspects of our lives, are being assimilated within the digital world. But what about translations? Is this industry following similar development trends in terms of advancements? In a world of technology… Machine translation stays at the forefront of our digital revolution. An outsider might expect that by now, that computers should be able to handle a slightly more complex translation, it’s 2018 after all, right? Wrong. While Google Translate brought machine translation into the mainstream more than 10 years ago, the technology first arose at the beginning of the cold war, in the 50’s. It’s been a long time since then and it might take equally long until computers will be able to meet the expectations of the 20th century visionaries. Language is a very “human” thing and given that we are

Our Company

We are a young team of professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality language solutions to help businesses navigate the global market. By using a combination of cutting edge localization and translation technologies, we ensure that our output is always of the highest quality. Additionally, we use an in-depth, multi-stage Quality Assurance procedure and a close communication approach. Everything

Why choosing a smaller agency might be good for you

In the translation industry, size actually matters. Most of the companies – also known as language service providers, or LSPs – are small, and for all the right reasons. Of course, large companies have their own place within the market as well, so why would we recommend going for a smaller agency for your next translation project? Due to their size and number of employees, big companies usually subcontract their translation projects to the smaller players, also known as vendors. Primarily, the large LSPs keep in touch with the client, manage the technology and terminology, but are not involved in the translation itself. They too will employ the smaller LSPs for this latter purpose and by doing the same and contacting us directly, you as a client could manage the process more closely from the start. So what are the advantages of working with a smaller LSP? Allow us to