Why choose Romania to outsource your translation and localization projects

We don’t usually talk about ourselves but we believe that we deserve a cheeky brag from time to time. This is not about our employees, nor about our services, but rather about Romanian linguists in general. So, you’re wondering what makes us so special besides the quality, fast turnarounds and low pricing? You could argue

Why choose a smaller translation agency

In the translation industry, size actually matters. Most translation companies – also known as language service providers, or LSPs – are small, and for all the right reasons. Big translation companies usually subcontract their translation projects to the smaller players, also known as vendors. Primarily, the large LSPs keep in touch with the client, manage

Do you need translation or transcreation?

In the translation industry, there is a consensus that translators should only work in their mother tongue, no matter how fluent they are in any other language, thus ensuring the linguistic nuances in their native language are kept. Many linguists have different qualifications, whether it is engineering, law, economic or marketing sectors etc. This allows

How does a Translation Memory work?

Translation Memory is a means to obtain consistent and cost-effective translation, with little effort. Here’s how TMs work. Using a Translation Memory does not mean using a machine translation tool, but rather re-using previous translations. The Translation Memory, or TM, represents a database of „pairs”, formed by sections of already translated and approved text, in

Why do you need Virtual Staffing

In today’s economy, companies in the translation industry are under great pressure to stay competitive on the market. Our Virtual Staffing program allows our clients to shift their focus from day-to-day activities and project management to their international expansion and operations goals. We work with your budget to find the best resources required for your

Translation process and pricing

Each translation project requires a unique approach and there are many variables involved in determining its price. Because of this, most companies do not list their prices for translation services on their websites. When we receive a translation project, the first step we take is File Preparation and Translation Memory Maintenance: • Converting files such