Translation Recruitment

One of the core challenges of the Localization and Translation processes consists in adapting the software to different languages, regional differences and technical requirements of a target market. Whether we are talking about adapting the software to various languages without engineering changes, or adapting internationalized software to a specific region or language by adding locale-specific elements, most times the issues require more profound changes in the software than text translation. We can offer professional support throughout the process in the long run with our virtual staffing services.

Further, business operations must adapt to manage the production. While translating existing text to other languages may seem easy, it is more difficult to maintain the parallel versions of texts throughout the product life cycle.

For all this, you will need someone who not only understands foreign languages and cultures, but also has a solid specialized background. Our engineers have the programming knowledge necessary to develop automated solutions to fit the requirements of your business process, and offer the required support in resolving any linguistic, cultural and technical issues.

Virtual Hiring Service

Are you in search of a proofreader or do you have an extensive project that might require a team of experts?  Our company is aware of how important it is to have the right people available at the right time. The recruitment process can usually take a lot of time and finding the right employees is always crucial. Our team of HR specialists carefully examines your particular needs and, following an attentive selection, spots the best candidates. Given the experience we have acquired throughout the years in the field of language services, the recruitment made by itlocal is customized in order to meet your requirements.

Moreover, the remote recruitment saves time and resources, thus allowing you to enjoy the perks of having a new member or a team of multicultural variety, something that represents a cornerstone in this particular field.

Essentially, the new recruitment service provided by us:

  • Provides you native speaking language experts on a variety of languages
  • Creates a recruitment process designed to meet your needs
  • Allows you to save costs, time and resources

Specialized Training

The success of a project depends on its people. It is only through constant learning and development that these people can lead you to success. This common belief made way to the idea that within the language service industry it suffices to know a foreign language in order to be a Professional Translator or to have communication skills in order to be a Project Manager. Nevertheless, high quality services require a properly trained team. itlocal decided to create a training process which focuses on this particular filed.

Our Training Program consists of in-house modules that cover among others:

  • An overview and comprehension of the processes involved
  • Advanced training on CAT tools
  • Time management & problem solving
  • Familiarization with quality standards

Each specialized training takes into consideration the client’s unique requirements. Consequently, it aims at highlighting the importance of forming professional employees within the language market. It takes more than inherent skills and theoretical knowledge to be an Expert. Excellence can only be achieved by having an in-depth understanding about what working in this field truly means.

Remote Project Management

Our Translation Recruitment Services are based on a deep understanding of the market requirements and its dynamics. We make sure to submit only the very best candidates, who benefit from our in-house training provided by our specialists.

The Project Manager is the single-point of contact for the client. He/she leads the project team and is responsible for:

  • Resource Planning: Without delay, selects the type and quantity of resources (personnel, software and hardware) in type and quantity required for the project.
  • Project scheduling: Schedules all linguistic and production activities and ensures that all project milestones are met. Straightaway identifies possible conflicts and generates contingency plans.
  • Training: Ensures that all resources, linguists and production support staff, assigned to the project have the knowledge and training required to accomplish the activities assigned to them.
  • Client interface and reporting: Provides weekly or monthly status reports without delay, as requested by Client.
  • Change Management: Evaluates the impact of client-requested changes to schedules. Generates contingency plans to avoid or minimize impacts to overall schedule.
  • Verification of deliverables: Ensures the accurate, timely and virus-free hand-off of all deliverables.
  • Client-satisfaction reports: Conducts post-project reviews to receive client feedback and identify potential areas for improvement.
  • Project archiving: Ensures that all project materials are safely backed up and archived.

Consulting Services

itlocal offers consulting services and solutions that solve resource, timeline and management problems by providing access to the most proficient and experienced translation staff in the industry. We always manage to supply linguists on an as-needed basis. We pride ourselves with finding the right person, at the right time, at the right price. You can rely on our global staffing experience as an invaluable resource in order to meet your specific international staffing demands.

In addition to helping you find the right talent, we want to ensure that your hiring experience is as efficient and stress free as possible. We only count on qualified localization professionals who are fluent in the world’s most used languages.

Our professionals specialize in:

  • Website translation
  • Software localization
  • In-country QA testing
  • Marketing translation
  • Document translation

HR & Payrolling

itlocal provides full-range HR administration and payroll processing in order to improve the quality, accuracy and timeliness of your projects, as well as increase operational transparency by enhancing reporting capabilities across the company. These solutions will ensure the improvement of your business conditions while offering the required support when it comes to organizing your personnel.

Further, we offer full-range HR administration, archiving of personal files/documents, online employee support and payroll & HR online document management. Our company is the best place for outsourcing and advisory services relating to translations and localisation. We have all the necessary knowledge to fit the requirements of your business process.

Allow us to solve all your HR and Payrolling needs!

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