We provide various types of interpretation services

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreters are generally required in conferences, extensive training sessions or business negotiations where the entire communication needs to be relayed in all the participants’ languages.

Consecutive interpreting

This type of interpretation service is suitable for situations with a small number of participants, where the interpreter translates for shorter periods of time and can deliver only a summary of the conversation. Consecutive interpreting is usually required for press conferences, in courts, commercial negotiations etc.

Telephone and video interpreting

We provide interpreters to help you liaise, via telephone or online communication tools, with clients or collaborators who speak other languages.

itlocal helps international companies from various industry sectors break down communication barriers. Our interpreters are specialized in:

•   legal interpreting
•   business and commercial interpreting
•   scientific interpreting (medical and pharmaceutical)
•   technical interpreting (automotive and engineering)

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