Tu folosești serviciul de traducere oferit de Google?

Pentru cei mulți oameni, prima lor expunere la o traducere automată (așa numita „Machine Translation”) a fost prin intermediul motorului de traduceri Google. De ani de zile, acest software a fost considerat în fruntea tehnologiei de traducere automată gratuită și disponibilă la scară largă, dezvoltând, așadar, un renume. Unii pot spune ca rezultatele nu sunt

Let’s meet at tekom!

On 13th November 2018, itlocal joins tekom for many interesting events, in Stuttgart, Germany. The European Association for Technical Communication – tekom Europe e.V. is the largest professional association for technical communication worldwide. It was founded in November 2013 in Wiesbaden, Germany and connects about 9,000 professionals who are active in technical communication and related fields. The main

Why choosing a smaller agency might be good for you

In the translation industry, size actually matters. Most of the companies – also known as language service providers, or LSPs – are small, and for all the right reasons. Of course, large companies have their own place within the market as well, so why would we recommend going for a smaller agency for your next

Understand our translation process

We recognize that performing to the highest standards requires transcending beyond the mere linguistic element of translation services. Therefore we continuously ensure that we add value to the translation process by ensuring that: • Our customized, repeatable processes are designed ensure quality and consistency within and across documents, and reduce cost and turnaround time. Our

Virtual Staffing, or Why you need this, now.

In today’s economy, any company in the translation industry has to regularly review its options to remain competitive on the market.  With our Virtual Staffing program, our clients are free to better focus on their operations and concentrate on their targets. As they say, “Ensure that our clients realize quality profits they seek”, it all comes

Translation pricing and how it works

How we choose translation pricing ? We will offer you more details here. Each translation project requires a unique approach and there are many variables involved in determining its price. Because of this reason, most companies do not list their prices for translation services on their websites. So, how does translation pricing work? The first