“Ensure that our clients realize the quality profits they seek” is our motto!

Our quality is judged by the customer. All product and service attributes that contribute value to the customer and lead to customer satisfaction and preference are the foundation of the itlocal quality system. It is imperative that we all know, understand, and operate to the requirements of a common company quality system. We do this consistently and effectively, to ensure the best results for our clients.

itlocal‘s Quality Management Process encompasses a system that considers the following three main components: quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement. Quality management focuses not only on product or service quality, but also on the means to achieve it. Our process, therefore, uses quality assurance as well as control of processes and products/services to achieve more consistent quality.

Our management team ensures that the Quality Policy certainly:

  • is appropriate to the purpose of the organization,
  • includes a commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system,
  • most importantly, provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives,
  • is communicated and understood within the organization, and
  • is reviewed for continuing suitability

Our  Quality Control Review

The Project Manager notifies the QC Specialist that the project is ready for QC review. Therefore, he/she provides the QC kit which includes:

  • The QC file directory containing the formatted target language files and matching source documents.
  • The Request Form from the Client containing project-specific instructions.
  • Project schedule information.
  • Instructions regarding which section of the checklist/style guide to use, based on product type and file format.

The QC Specialist reviews all target language files for accuracy, a process involving the following phases:

  • Reviewing the desktop published files focusing on formatting and following the checklist/style guide and Client reference materials.
  • Checking each target language file side-by-side with the source language version.
  • The QC Specialist notifies the Project Manager when the first round of Quality Control review is complete and provides him/her with relevant markups containing suggested or mandatory changes.
  • After implementation of changes, the Project Manager returns the formatted documents to the QC Specialist for a second round of Quality Control.
  • Upon verification of implemented changes and if the document is correct, the QC Specialist delivers the final files to the Project Manager. However, our team repeats the process as many times as needed, to ensure the quality of deliverables to the Client.

Final Review and File Maintenance

  • The Project Manager to implement any changes made at the DTP and QC steps in the unclean files, to update the TMs and match the final formatted documents.
  • Before delivery to the Client, the Project Manager performs a final check of the translated files to ensure all Client instructions have been followed, including the required file and folder structure and use of correct part numbers and naming conventions.
  • Finally, the Project Manager delivers the project files per Client’s instructions.

Post-Delivery Maintenance and Error Correction

  • If the Client submits corrections to delivered documents, the Project Manager works with the Client to ensure appropriate implementation of changes and the update of the affected TMs. The Project Manager redelivers the corrected files to the Client.
  • The Quality Assurance Manager investigates all of our Clients’ complaints, to ensure satisfactory resolutions and formulate the appropriate corrective and preventive measures. Above all, the investigation focuses on finding answers to the following questions:
  1. How did the error occur?
  2. Why did the error occur?
  3. What part of the process failed?
  4. How can we prevent this type of error in the future?

The Project Manager and the QA Manager work together to formulate a more robust process that will prevent the error from reoccurring in the future. Our corrective and preventive actions include the following steps:

  • Updating the TM as needed.
  • Revising and reissuing procedures or work instructions as needed.
  • Training or retraining responsible personnel as needed.


  • The Project Manager ensures that all project materials are safely backed up and archived on the company servers, maintaining the original file structure for easy retrieval.
  • Even more, we perform full backups every Friday and incremental backups Monday through Thursday every week.
  • We maintain the archive indefinitely or for at least the minimum amount of time required by the Client’s specifications.