Alex Afrentoaiei

Founder & CEO

Alex Afrentoaiei is the CEO and Founder of itlocal. He has a strong track record managing multi-lingual technical, clinical, legal and business-related documentation and successfully leading teams of translators to completion. In addition, Alex possesses strong aptitude and skills in software, multimedia, graphics and website localization. He applies his knowledge of computer, IT and technical prowess to solve complex translation challenges, whether in one or dozens of languages.
Alex holds a degree in Economics (with emphasis on Computer Science), from The Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics, and Informatics of the Academy of Economic Sciences in Bucharest, Romania; a Master’s Degree in Business Administration for Medium and Large Enterprises and Computer Science and Economics, from the same Faculty.

Amalia Florincescu

Lead Project Manager

Amalia is itlocal’s Team Lead. While her organizational skills allow her to effectively oversee and direct the activities of her colleagues, her leadership and interpersonal skills bring people together and forge a proactive team spirit. Such skills also reflect in the way she successfully manages the relationship with our clients.

She has a strong expertize in legal and financial translations and she is an excellent proofreader. Amalia obtained her Bachelor’s degree at Spiru Haret University, in Bucharest and her major is in Finance and Banking. She has a proficient command of the English language and she possesses medium capabilities for German, Spanish and French.

Claudia Hurghi

Language Lead

Claudia’s Language Lead position at itlocal is justified by her exceptional multilingual capabilities. Her strong expertise in legal translations helped her develop an extremely sharp eye for detail while her passion for different cultures helped her maintain a creative and imaginative approach with respect to interpreting languages. Thus her capabilities fit perfectly with the responsibilities implied by the language lead position as she manages itlocal’s most important project with an important client in the multimedia industry.

Claudia obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages at Transilvania University of Brasov and also owns a Certified translation license. She is proficient in English, French and Spanish while also having basic Italian skills.

Tudor Niculescu

Project Manager

Tudor is itlocal’s Project Manager who also holds other in-house translation related responsibilities. His international background and work experience enable him to aid to the already resourceful and creative environment at itlocal as he is always ready to come up with fresh ideas and perspectives. Tudor is an adaptable team player, his multi-industrial knowledge and excellent research abilities making him the right person for a variety of tasks.

He has a sharp eye for detail as he specializes in proofreading, as well as economic, business and marketing related translations. He obtained his master’s degree in Strategic Management at Erasmus University, in Rotterdam. He hold impeccable English skills while also having a medium level of Spanish and basic knowledge of French.

Bianca Zbarcea

Quality Manager

Bianca’s career within the language industry began in 2015 and she soon found herself in a quality assessment position with an international language solutions company located in Bucharest. Her 3 years of experience in dealing with translation projects, coordinating linguists and managing linguistic assets complement her naturally creative capabilities.

Bianca joined itlocal‘s creative team which deals with multi media localization projects, while also offering her language expertise when it comes to our quality assurance processes.

Ofelia Constantinescu

Account Manager

Ofelia is itlocal’s Key Account Manager but more importantly, its creative soul. She successfully implements her artistic side into everyday work, coming up with innovative solutions for both translation and management issues. Her communication skills are second to none as she can easily multitask multiple projects while also keeping everyone up to date on the progress.

She specializes in marketing and economic translations as well as desktop publishing. Ofelia obtained her Master’s degree in Marketing Studies at The Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest. In terms of language capabilities, her English is at the highest level of proficiency, Japanese being written and spoken at a medium level. She also has basic German language knowledge.

Sergiu Aursulesei

Marketing & Sales

Sergiu is itlocal’s Marketing and Sales Specialist. With over 5 years of experience in content and digital marketing and a strong background in sales, he joined the company to further its international reach.

Building on its portfolio, Sergiu and his team look to expand and introduce more businesses to our professional services. His studies include Marketing, Communication and PR and he is proficient in English and German.