We will translate all of your Marketing and Media materials, in any format.

Generally speaking, this includes translation of marketing brochures, ad copy, catalogs, newsletters, websites, emails and subtitling of video presentations and films. It is very important when translating  your marketing communications materials to make sure we are not only translating words into another language. We have the experience and staff necessary to culturally adapt your materials so that they will  read well in the target language for your target audience with all the right linguistic nuances.

Whether you need a presentation catalogue, an advertising campaign, localization for a website or information material, you’ll find our approach to be refreshingly creative. We start by talking about the destination through the traveler’s eyes – whether they’re travelling for business or pleasure. All things considered, marketing and media materials are supposed to convey a message and to persuade the reader. Therefore, these projects are particularly challenging because they need a higher level of creativity compared to other types of translation.

Some of the documents we translate on a regular basis (but not limited to):

  • Reports
  • Guided tours
  • Information bulletins
  • Audio tours
  • Contracts, terms and conditions of sale
  • Brochures
  • Sales leaflets
  • Guides
  • Press releases
  • Websites
  • Press kits
  • Branded content
  • Banner ads
  • AdWords campaigns
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Descriptions of programs

It is important to realize that subtitle translation may be the subtlest and most complicated task of all. In part, this is because a given speech segment may be far longer or shorter in one language than another. It may also require greater context to be properly understood by people with another language and culture. It certainly requires real expertise to make sure that the style and nuances of the original language come across as they should in the subtitles.

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