Client’s Industry:  Marketing and CRM Software Solutions

Type of Product: Integrated CRM Platform

Type of Project: Localization, Translation and Linguistic Testing

Languages involved: Hebrew, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian

Time Frame: ongoing – constant updates



The beginning of 2019 saw us engaging in a collaboration with an important emerging player in the online marketing industry. 

We boarded an ongoing software translation and localization  and started off by localizing new parts of their integrated CRM platform and performing linguistic testing for existing platforms for Hebrew (an especially challenging task involving a  right to left language). 

As there was a lot to be improved in a short period of time, constant communication was paramount. We provided our linguists with the necessary tools to properly test the platform, while they offered real time feedback to the client in order for him to make the necessary changes. 

The project was a success and we were consequently  tasked with translating updates for Italian, Romanian and Bulgarian versions of the application and complementary website. 

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