Client’s Industry: Life sciences

Type of Product: Letters of authorization, patents, consent forms

Type of Project: Medical, pharmaceutical and legal translation with DTP services

Languages involved: English into Simplified Chinese

Time Frame: 14 business days

Volume: 50,000 words



itlocal regularly completes medical and healthcare translations projects for the life sciences industry.

Our company was commissioned to translate 50,000 words in three batches, along with DTP services. The project involved the translation of study consent forms, as well as patents and letters of authorization for the respective medical studies.

As our client had time constraints, our company decided to assign to this project two specialized translators and one reviewer, all Chinese natives with medical studies, who worked to finalize the batches in under 15 working days through a coordinated team effort.

We also created glossaries and Translation Memories in cloud platforms that helped us maintain the consistency and coherence from one batch to the other.

Our company won this project due to our DTP experience, and we handled this step  in-house, as well by assigning dedicated medical translators to complete all linguistic work.

The final project was delivered to our client on time and they were fully satisfied with our error-free translation and formatting.

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