Client’s Industry: Advertising and Marketing

Type of Product: Advertising and presentation catalogs for a car company

Type of Project: Translation and Transcreation, Content writing

Languages involved: English into Romanian

Time Frame: 14 business days

Volume: 100,000+ words



itlocal completes many marketing translations and transcreation projects for international companies from the advertising industry and international marketing services providers.

One of the most interesting marketing translations projects we worked on involved multiple presentation manuals for new car models that were going to be launched on the Romanian market. The project consisted of translations of over 100,000 words into Romanian, plus review and quality assurance checks.

The main challenge was the tight deadline, but also the need for linguists with both technical and marketing/creative skills. It was always essential to choose translators who had vast experience in dealing with similar marketing materials. .

itlocal put together a team of skilled  translators with background in marketing and advertising. Thanks to them, and with the help of Translation Memory tools and automotive glossaries, we managed to complete the project in 14 days without compromising the quality. 

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