Background Information:

Client’s Industry: Lawyer firm

Type of Product: Legal documentation

Type of Project: Sworn translation

Languages involved: Romanian into French

Time Frame: 4 business days

Volume: 10,000 words

Project description:

itlocal has broad experience in completing multiple legal translation projects for various clients. One of our oldest clients employed itlocal to carry out complex and time sensitive legal documentation translation into French.

Because the subject matter dealt with 31 pages of legal documentation, our client requested us to work only with sworn translators and we completed the assignment  in under 4 working days (client assigned deadline). Time was of the essence because the document also needed to be received in physical format after being signed and stamped by our in-house linguists. For this reason, the translator and the editor had to work in parallel with our QC manager in order to print the physical copies right after the final verification was done in order to save time.

Due to our experience in handling complex rush jobs, we managed to deliver all translations back to our client on time. In fact, to suit our client’s needs, we shipped hard copies of translated sworn documents via courier to their indicated regional office, and our client was highly impressed by the speed and quality of our services.