Quality Assurance and Information Security

• Continuously improving our documented procedures defining the manner of preparation, translation, production, uploading and servicing, where the absence of such procedures could adversely affect quality
• Use of suitable production, uploading, and servicing equipment, and a suitable working environment
• Monitoring and control of suitable process parameters and product characteristics
• Ensuring information confidentiality, integrity and availability entrusted by the interested parties for client utilization
• Recognizing the importance of ensuring compliance with applicable regulations when providing services to our clients

General Data Protection Regulation

We fully recognize the crucial importance of confidentiality and safety of your materials.Strict procedures and guidelines are followed in order to safeguard your documentation throughout the entire process of translation, verification and delivery.
itlocal processes the personal information you provide, for the purpose of delivering translation and localization services and for fulfilling orders and invoicing services. The data provided will be stored whilst the commercial relationship lasts, or for the duration needed to comply with legal obligations in force. The data are only ceded to the necessary consultants for fiscal matters and will not be passed on to other third parties unless there is a legal obligation to do so, or you have explicitly agreed so.
You are entitled to obtain confirmation on whether we are processing your personal data, which data we are processing, and therefore you have the right to update or rectify inexact data, as well as have the data erased when they are no longer necessary.
All the experts that collaborate with itlocal are also compliant with the GDPR. We (and our subcontractors) are are not using free machine translation engines to process your information. We’ve always taken the safety of data very seriously, and our clients, employees and suppliers know that we are 100% discrete.

Below you will find our latest ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certificates. For more information, have a look at our translation services and library.