The success of a localization project depends not only by how accurately it matches the source language in terms of functionality and look-and-feel, but also by how natural the written text appears to the target audience.

Certainly, our localization teams have the linguistic and programming knowledge necessary to develop a complete localization solution that includes all the languages, services, and level of guidance you need for a worldwide deployment of your product.

We can work with many different software-specific file formats, including executable programs, resource files, and XML-based files. Our capabilities include the translation of all product components that contain text, such as resource files, bitmaps, icons, and screen. By all means, as needed, we will resize your dialog boxes and recompile online help files. We will also test your localized software or assist with the validation process.

We submit every project to our strict proofreading, technical review, and final testing procedures to ensure that the localized software retains the look and functionality of the source language product. For any such project, testers will verify both source and localized content so that they can edit all translations in context. This way, they can understand the intended function of the application, audience and user requirements.

At this final step, all untranslated text, incorrect display, functions or date, time and other formats will be caught and corrected.

The process for the formatting and testing team is:

1.Externalize all strings
2.Use unique String IDs
3.Identify and mark strings which should not be translated
4.Ensure there is no concatenation
5.Run a trial beta localization
6.Supply content information on strings for verifying correcttranslation and localization
7.Control segment length
8.Test target fonts
9.Test for right-to-left and left-to-right languages
10.Ensure it is enable for double-byte

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