Translating a legal document can be a complex process because of the intricate language and the stringent necessity to be accurate and expeditious. We provide high quality  legal translation services delivered on time and at very competitive prices.

Our legal translators are carefully recruited and tested: they have over 5 years’ experience in legal translation services and some even work as lawyers in their country. To ensure all of your documents are treated in the strictest of confidence, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Some of the legal areas we specialize in: banking law, civil law, immigration law, commercial law, intellectual property, business agreements, patents, corporate law.


Types of documents we translate for the legal sector

  • Annual and semi-annual reports
  • All legal information documents
  • Documents for international deals
  • Insurance plans and policies (group policies, general policies, life insurance, reinsurance, savings and investments, etc.)
  • Mergers and acquisitions documentation
  • Claims
  • Management reports
  • Lease agreements
  • Traditional documentation


The internationalization of financial activities requires a strict and meticulous multilingual management. Banks and other financial institutions expanding in foreign markets have to comply with local financial regulations, language norms and requirements.

When delivering financial translations there is no room for improvisation or creativity.
We have vast experience in delivering financial translations in multiple languages. We can  successfully meet the demands of all our clients, from leading financial institutions, to multinational companies in the financial, real estate, insurance and accounting industries, consulting or auditing firms. We also offer services to Forex companies or start-ups.


Types of documents we translate for the financial sector


  • Asset management
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • Foreign registration filings and registration statements
  • Global equity and debt offerings
  • Financial comments (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Financial data sheets
  • Marketing materials, press releases and other investment-related documents
  • Investment policies
  • Expert reports, risk analysis documents
  • General and special conditions, financial clauses



  • Annual reports
  • Proceedings, reporting, minutes, deeds
  • Press releases, newsletters, marketing material
  • Documents targeted at investment advisors, broker-dealers and fund managers
  • Web and software localization
  • Consumer online banking
  • Investor relations websites
  • Web applications and services
  • Payment software
  • Interbank communication software


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