Background Information:

Client’s Industry: Maritime and transport

Type of Product: Financial reports

Type of Project: Translation with review and QA

Languages Involved: English into Traditional Chinese

Time Frame: 25 working days

Project description:

itlocal was contacted by a client to help translate their financial reports for 2017 from English to Traditional Chinese  The client needed our company to sign and NDA, since this was an sensitive project and we obliged immediately, while also ensuring our resources did the same.

To ensure that our client’s reports were accurate in the target language, our client required translation work with review and quality assurance checks, along with samples of the translations, so they could send them to a third party reviewer as well. Each of these objectives were carried out by our team of two translators, one reviewer and one QA specialist, all of whom managed to complete the +65K word assignment in less than 25 working days.

In an effort to cut unnecessary costs and pass the savings back to the client, we created a Translation Memory and used it to reduce the final project price by 20%.

After completion, the client’s feedback was positive and itlocal was contracted to do more translation projects for them.