Background Information:

Client’s Industry: Entertainment and Media Streaming 

Type of Project: Metadata, User Interface, Messaging, PR, CS and Marketing translations, Jira, Title localization

Languages involved: English into Romanian

Time Frame: ongoing, daily deliverables, same day turnaround for some tasks

Project description:

One of our most important clients requires our company to provide translation and localization services on a regular basis, for their media streaming content, to ensure that their service is successfully and fully localized for the Romanian market. The daily tasks we deal with include Metadata, UI, Customer Support, Messaging, PR and Marketing translations, and because of the nature of the client’s specifications, requirements and expectations, itlocal assembled a team of translators and assigned a dedicated Project Manager. All linguists involved specialize in media and entertainment projects and they are renowned for their creative spirit and their technical adaptability.

Besides translation and localization, we also provide our client with our virtual staffing service. Thus, our main PM for this project also acts as a Language Lead for the whole team of Romanian translators which contains both itlocal resources and independent freelancers.

This approach resulted in increased client satisfaction as our team scores an average monthly approval percentage of 99,8%. Such results solidified us as the leading resource managing the product localization for the Romanian market, thus carrying on a successful collaboration that is still going strong after 3 years. We are proud to say that our services contribute directly to increasing the market share and customer base of our end client, and that millions of people enjoy a perfectly localized product.