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HR & Corporate

Human resource departments in any organization are as good as the quality of the communications they send out. Furthermore, it’s been proven that employee engagement and adoption depends to a great extent on the internal communications being in their native language.

Whether you’re an international company with offices in different parts of the world, or you simply collaborate with outsourced resources, you must rely on translation to get your message across and to communicate clearly and effectively.

itlocal has a team of translation experts who are well-acquainted with the field of human resources in terms of terminology, concepts and development. We understand the importance of native translation professionals and only work with in-country translators to be able to provide authentic human resource translations.

We carry out corporate and human resource translations on a regular basis:

  • Training manuals
  • Employee handbooks
  • HR policies and forms
  • Safety documentation
  • Internal newsletters
  • Employment applications
  • Employee reviews and feedback
  • Internal policies
  • Contracts
  • Surveys
  • User Interface customization
  • Ethics and compliance materials