Why do you need Virtual Staffing

In today’s economy, companies in the translation industry are under great pressure to stay competitive on the market. Our Virtual Staffing program allows our clients to shift their focus from day-to-day activities and project management to their international expansion and operations goals. We work with your budget to find the best resources required for your

Translation process and pricing

Each translation project requires a unique approach and there are many variables involved in determining its price. Because of this, most companies do not list their prices for translation services on their websites. When we receive a translation project, the first step we take is File Preparation and Translation Memory Maintenance: • Converting files such

L10ncentral, a new platform for virtual staffing

We have launched a new platform for virtual staffing and recruiting – L10ncentral! L10ncentral has been created in order to ease the path between what your perspective and goals are and what you actually receive. The language industry is not only broad and full of diversity, but also smoke and mirrors. Each yarn has its