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Translation Staffing Solutions


We can do the translation recruitment for you with our virtual staffing option!

One of the core challenges of the localization processes consists in adapting the software to different languages, regional differences and technical requirements of a target market.

Whether we are talking about adapting the software to various languages without engineering changes, or adapting internationalized software to a specific region or language by adding locale-specific elements, most times the issues require more profound changes in the software than text translation. Thus, we can offer professional support throughout the process.

Further, business operations must adapt to manage the production. While translating existing text to other languages may seem easy, it is more difficult to maintain the parallel versions of texts throughout the product life cycle.

For all this, you will need someone who not only understands foreign languages and cultures, but also has a solid specialized background. Our engineers have the programming knowledge necessary to develop automated solutions to fit the requirements of your business process, and offer the required support in resolving any linguistic, cultural and technical issues. With our Virtual Staffing program, our clients are free to better focus on their operations and concentrate on their targets.

As they say, “Ensure that our clients realize quality profits they seek”, it all comes down to providing Remote Project Management Services instead of the actual Translation Services that most other companies provide. We work with your budget to find the best resources required for your translation requests and always focus on quality. There are many other big advantages, that we can mention: flexibility on both European and US time-zones, US and European presence, minimum translation costs and an efficient production process with more resources, higher capacity, 24/7 communication, access to our huge translators database, etc.

All of our clients are very happy with the new approach for outsourcing and all of this came from the same need we all have – the need for high quality translations and raising up to the end client’s high expectations.

 In other words, From our perspective, to summarize, we are seeking to offer you virtual staffing services like:

  • Project Management for your approved translation Orders using our translators and editors (and possibly yours, depending on the circumstances);
    • We are going to grant you access to our data base of vetted linguists (i.e. they would be entered into your data base, so that you can get to know them and work directly side-by-side with them over time);
    • We are going to dedicate 2 Project Managers from ITLOCAL for a 24/7 support and communication;
    • We will get familiar with your ERP Platforms and also install on our PCs the CAT tools imposed by your needs;
  • General Quality Assurance and/or technical processes which you may be unfamiliar with and/or QA imposed through your Quality policies (reporting, QA reports, etc.);
  • Translation Memory/IT processes to help improve the efficiency of your operations and that are required during any of your translation projects;
  • The exact target languages which we propose to offer based on your preference/higher demand;
  • An approximate (reasonably accurate) number of linguists (translators, editors, proofreaders) that you would be gaining as a result of entering into this Agreement with us, and in each language specifically;
  • The approximate number of hours that we would foresee working for you on a weekly/monthly basis;
  • Apart from the above tasks, there will be “background work” that we could be doing for you, such as for example translation memory data base management; language alignment work; language engineering, maintenance, etc.

As part of our proposal, we would of course include the general agreements:

  • Complete mutual Non-Disclosure will be expected and enforced via a mutually-executed Agreement;
  • Our collaboration would likewise be housed within an Agreement (which your legal area will draft), for our mutual acceptance;
  • We start the collaboration on a trial basis (say for six months, or possibly another period) and then review together, but with the intention of having a long-term business collaboration.
  • Reduced pricing for translations in any other pairs that are not part of the deal
  • Reduced pricing for Desktop Publishing/Proofreading/Final Review/Completeness Checks and for other services

From YOUR perspective, in exchange for virtual staffing services, you would simply:

  • Compensate us via a paid retainer (we propose a monthly compensation schedule) OR if you prefer, we could also agree on an hourly rate.

So contact us today and start looking at every opportunity as a way to make more money, with us by your side!