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Linguistic Quality Assurance

At itlocal we always adhere to a strict quality assurance policy.

itlocal uses a number of quality assurance tools to assist with the verification of documents written in markup languages, such as HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and XML (eXtensible Markup Language). XML validation, for example, consists of checking an XML document to confirm that it is both well-formed and also valid, i.e., it follows a defined structure. A well-formed document follows the basic syntactic rules of XML, which are universal across all XML documents. A valid XML document also respects the rules dictated by a particular DTD or XML schema, such as a DITA map (Darwin Information Typing Architecture), according to the application-specific choices for those particular documents

itlocal uses Quality Assurance tools such as:

  • SDL TeamWorks – project management tool;
  • SDL Synergy – used for different types of file formats;
  • HTML QA – used in website translation projects;
  • SDL Passolo – used in software localization projects;
  • QA Distiller – used for all projects to check issues like inconsistencies, punctuation errors, omissions, formatting problems, etc.;
  • Altova XMLSpy – used in software localization projects, mainly for XML-file based projects.

Translation Quality Assurance software (also TQA or QA tools) is used to compare the source and the target versions of the text. Actually, these are the segments of bilingual texts and we carefully check them in order to detect all possible translation errors, misprints, consistency of terminology, compliance with project glossaries, omissions as well as punctuation, capitalization and number value or formatting errors.

Our well-defined processes are customized to the specific needs of every client and project. Optimal quality, cost containment and on-time delivery are our goals for every project, from translation and localization to terminology management and web design.

Final Review
For the Final Review, our editors are working in their mother tongue assigned to the project based on their expertise and familiarity with the subject matter. The reviewer performs a ‘side by side review’ of the target and source texts to verify the accuracy of the translation and its adaptability to the targeted locale, consistency of terminology within and across translated documents, agreement with the glossary, and completeness.

Quality Assurance is a key component of any translation management system. Our QA process allows us to deliver excellent translations, while continuously improving the overall quality!

  • Editing is a process involving an editor who will make changes and provide suggestions, improving the overall quality of the writing, especially on a linguistic level. After the editing process is done, the language will be consistent and clear, with a great level of readability. The writing will not hold the same impact for a client if it is not fluent, adapted, consistent and mistake-free.Editing improves the overall quality of writing and ensures that every writing convention is followed, especially formatting requirements and referencing style.Editing involves:
    • Overall improvement in the quality of translations
    • Clear expressions
    • Enhanced language-use
    • Removing errors and inconsistencies
    • Writing with maximum impact

    Proofreading is a simpler service which still holds a vital role. It is the process of correcting surface errors in writing, such as grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other language mistakes. Such inconsistencies are not permissible if we want a piece of writing to be clear, because they can undermine its impact and the credibility of your business in front of the client.

    Proofreading involves:

    • Removing grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors
    • Improves consistency and formatting
    • Ensures the document is ready for publication

    Perfects an already good piece of writing

itlocal will focus on the process, which allows us to innovate and offer quality content for each and every one of our clients. Every client wants every project done well, every time, and that is what we offer.If done correctly, Quality Control is something that could help a business stand out and leave the competition behind, presenting a flawless product to the public. Everything we offer will ensure a successful result based on quality content, that will make everyone on the market talk about you and your business.Content Quality Control includes on top of checking the usual translation projects, things like social media posts, blog posts, newsletters, infographics, eBooks, and many other materials that people encounter every day. As a consequence, their expectations when it comes to the content they decide to engage with became increasingly higher. Producing generic content is simply not enough anymore, while having an adequate content strategy is the key to standing out in any competitive market.

Choose itlocal as your partner and let us provide you with top quality materials!

Transcreation is preserving the intent of the source file, when the content cannot be directly translated from one culture to another. This appears mostly when culturally or figurative speech is used, in analogies, metaphors or colloquialisms. A good translator will always look to preserve the intent of the language with a locally relevant equivalent, so that it accurately represents the source. When translating your text, we aim for providing you with something that guarantees target audience comprehension.Our team of experts follows the following rules when it comes to transcreation:

  • We avoid words that might have negative connotations or alternative meanings in different languages, in order to convey the exact meaning and nuances of the source language.
  • We do all of our transcreation jobs manually, to avoid any culturally related incidents or misunderstandings.
  • Our team has plenty of experience to transfer slogans that rely on idiomatic speech and word play into a different language.

itlocal also offers transcription services for source files that are harder to convert into other formats due to poor quality or format, in order to provide the best translations afterwards.

itlocal verifies the quality of content for online and offline media, such as the text in brochures, billboards, websites, advertisements, e-mails, newsletters and more. We have  team of experts for you to work with, ensuring that every copy is properly analysed and reviewed and that the final piece will be in accordance to your expectations and the advertising promotional materials are perfect for your business.

We have the best business card when it comes to recommending us as a company to you, Our Customer: the great quality of delivered services, our teams’ professionalism, complete confidentiality for every project, dedicated project managers and a complete set of linguistic, virtual staffing and support services. These defining characteristics have allowed us to evolve greatly on the translation services market, and to work with some of the most important clients in the medical, marketing and media industries, at an international level.

We understand that having a good partner able to check the quality and correctness of your projects is an essential aspect of coming with the best solutions or your business. itlocal is your best partner when it comes to getting people to take some form of action.

SEO refers to search engine optimization, for a website or business so that clients can easily find it via search engines like Google. Therefore, SEO Content is any content created to attract search engine traffic.  itlocal has the perfect strategy in order to localize your SEO content:

  • We do a keyword research and comparison before we start writing, with a certain amount of search volume. This allows us to write about topics people search for.
  • Afterwards, we do a keyword optimization,  in order to ensure we have the right keywords for maximum impact in the target language;
  • We make sure to organize your content in a logical way in accordance to the language we adapt into, so that visitors will find related content easily and spend more time on your site.
  • Finally, there is content promotion to increase visibility. We will give you the final localized content for you to share it on social networks and related communities, building links to your content.

itlocal shall provide you with the best localization approach to your SEO content, to make sure your business is successful.